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I found lice on both of my children on a Wednesday. I treated them with an over the counter remedy right away and spent about 2 hours combing out their hair (plus a full day of laundry, vacuuming, bagging stuffed animals, etc). I felt pretty confident that I had gotten everything out. After that I checked their heads daily. On Sunday, I found a live bug on one girl’s head! I was beyond frustrated, having dealt with lice a few years earlier as well. I knew Laurie was in the process of setting up her clinic, so I contacted her. She was able to treat both of my girls the same day. She took her time with us and even checked my head to be sure everyone was clear before we left. My girls (ages 5 & 8) seemed totally comfortable and did well with the heat treatment. Laurie was so helpful and I feel so much more confident that the lice is gone!*

Kelly B.Stevens Point, WI

When the notice came home from school with the fateful words, “Your child may have been exposed to lice” I tossed it thinking nope, not my kid. That was my first mistake. A few weeks later her friend slept over and we soon discovered they both had it. I felt embarrassed, guilty and afraid. I got the lice kit from the store with the shampoo, the comb and the spray. We followed the instructions to a T. My 8 year old, Violet, has the thickest, curliest, snarliest hair ever, just great for lice. After a week, she still had them. And I had been SO thorough combing them out. Again, the washing machine was on over-time and the tears flowed (from both of us). I bought the product again, bought new brushes and hair ties, and felt so defeated. Enter Laurie. Saved! A couple hour process, no crying, no harsh chemicals and the whole thing was over. I felt so relieved, and so did my daughter!*

Jean M.Wisconsin
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