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Recommended by pediatricians, our 3-step process, including our exclusive warm air technology, is 99%+ effective in killing both lice and lice eggs (nits). Call now to speak with one of our lice specialists to learn more about our treatment options.  We offer special financing options through CareCredit.


Our Signature Treatment is our best lice treatment and kills lice and lice eggs in a single treatment.*  We stand behind our service!  In the unlikely event of treatment failure – we will re-treat you for FREE.


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Laurie was phenomenal! After using a home treatment and still seeing lice 3 days later, I didn’t know what to do. I left a message late Saturday and first thing Sunday morning Laurie returned my call and got both my daughter and I in that same day. We left our treatment feeling confident the lice were gone. My daughter didn’t mind the treatment at all and was more interested with the Kindle Laurie provided to occupy her time.  I would highly recommend visiting Laurie instead of wasting money on home treatments. She was worth every penny and the peace of mind is priceless.

Anne D.Stevens Point, WI

Laurie was more knowledgeable than the advice I got on the internet on how to treat our lice issue.  She came the next day and screened all of us and eased my mind about how to rid it from my house.  We only had one member with lice because we had caught it early, but she was amazing!  I felt so much better after she left and realized we were lucky that we called her because our issue could have gotten much worse even after the treatments we tried at home.  She was a huge blessing and eased my mind about lice and how to rid your family of it.  Thanks for giving me my sanity back!

Angela H.Marshfield, WI

Head Lice Treatment Services

We end the nightmare of lice by dehydrating lice and lice eggs (nits) in one easy treatment. Our FDA-cleared† AirAllé (Air uh-lay) technology is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics* because it works.

We know you are busy and we know you want to be free of the nightmare of head lice so we offer a single, one visit lice treatment. Our professional lice clinic is clean and our staff is friendly. Kids love us! SEE VIDEO

Our treatment is completely pesticide free and even kills Super Lice. Call us today to get lice advice or to book an appointment.  We are proudly serving Central WI, and the Fox Cities, and all surrounding areas in WI.  We now offer finance options through our partner, CareCredit.  Find out more here!


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Learn more about our revolutionary process.

Louse Removal Services


The affected person and all family members should be thoroughly screened to find evidence of lice or eggs. Screening all members of the family is crucial to prevent re-infestation.


After screening, the trained clinician will provide a clear diagnosis of the level of infestation, so you know exactly what you are dealing with and which treatment options are available to you.


Depending on your infestation level and your budget considerations, we will determine the best treatment option for you. Our goal is to ensure your family is lice free.

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